Dreamy Mount Pajamaja
Dreamy Mount Pajamaja as seen in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
First Game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Appearances Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Gender Unknown
Homeland Dream World
Location Dreamy Mount Pajamaja
Species Rock monster
Attacks Lava rock throw

Dreamy Mount Pajamaja is the second giant boss fought in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It was first seen after Mario and Dreamy Luigi climbed up Dreamy Mount Pajamaja and woke up this monster. It was very angry to have been woken up and Dreamy Luigi grows in size to do battle.


Dreamy Mount Pajamaja is mainly a large volcano monster.


In battle, Dreamy Mount Pajamaja mainly fights by hurling rocks at Dreamy Luigi. He can also hurl rocks on fire that much be hammered back.

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