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Finally, my dream is about to come true! SHOWTIME!!!
Dreamy Bowser in his giant form.
Peach... This island... The world... All of it... IS MINE!!! And you guys are...COOKED!
Dreamy Bowser in his true form.
Dreamy Bowser
Dreamy Bowser sprite
Dreamy Bowser's true form.
First Game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Gender Male
Location Neo Bowser Castle
Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Alternative Form(s) Giant form
True form
Attacks Rainbow Flame Attack

Dreamy Bowser is the final boss of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is also the last boss that is fought as a giant. Dreamy Bowser is a powered-up version of Bowser after he absorbed the shattered Dream Stone pieces to form this large, rainbow-colored boss.


As a giant, Dreamy Bowser greatly resembles Bowser, especially his size from Super Mario Galaxy 2. In his

Dreamy Bowser as a giant fighting Dreamy Luigi as a giant.

true form, Dreamy Bowser resembles Bowser except that he is rainbow-colored and wears the Dream Stone as a crown.


Giant Form

It should be noted that everytime Dreamy Luigi is standing on top of the rocky road during this fight, the Shy Guy Airtubs will blow them away, forcing Dreamy Luigi to keep moving forward. Lava also plays a big role during this fight. Dreamy Bowser also isn't afraid to call for back-up in this fight.


Dreamy Bowser posses many attacks while in his giant form.

  • Charge Sequence: Dreamy Bowser will charge at Dreamy Luigi and attempt to push him into the lava. If Dreamy Luigi manages to fight him off, Dreamy Bowser will then charge full speed at Dreamy Luigi and position himself either left or right. Dreamy Luigi must dodge in the opposite direction in order to avoid this attack.
  • Kamek Energy Ball Attack: As soon as Dreamy Bowser reaches a small castle, enemies will spawn. Kamek and his clones are the first of them, and Kamek, still worn out from his eariler fight with Mario and Dreamy Luigi, uses his clones to attack Dreamy Luigi with a large, energy ball. Dreamy Luigi must hammer it back at the right moment to avoid this attack.
  • Spear Guy Horde Attack: A bunch of Spear Guys will emerge from the castle, then they will charge at Dreamy Luigi, poking him with their spears. This will gradually lower Dreamy Luigi's HP if he doesn't shake them all off in time.
  • Snack Time: More Spear Guys will come out, but this time, they will feed Dreamy Bowser with a bunch of meat. Dreamy Luigi must hammer the ground at the right moment so that the meat will just bounce off of Dreamy Bowser's head. If this attack isn't blocked, the meat will heal Dreamy Bowser.
  • Body Slam: Dreamy Bowser will jump off the small castle and attempt to crush Dreamy Luigi. Dreamy Luigi must dodge this and Dreamy Bowser will crash down. Then, Dreamy Luigi can spin Dreamy Bowser around and send him flying through the castle and into the lava.
  • Firebreath: Dreamy Bowser will use his signature Firebreath attack. Dreamy Luigi must jump at the right moment and lands on the Shy Guy Airtub. Dreamy Luigi must then slam down onto Bowser at the right moment to stop the attack.
  • Super Fireball Attack: Dreamy Bowser uses this attack during the second phase of the fight. Dreamy Bowser will launch a giant fireball at Dreamy Luigi, which must be hammered back or it will do major damage.
  • Foot Crush: Dreamy Bowser will use his new size to crush Dreamy Luigi under his foot. Dreamy Luigi must push up in the direction of the foot or be crushed for major damage.

Final Form

Dreamy Bowser is definitely stronger in this form, possessing many attacks that could knock out Mario and Luigi in seconds.


  • Rainbow Flame Barrage: Dreamy Bowser will launch a bunch of rainbow flames at Mario and Luigi. Dreamy Bowser will then create a clone to help out in the attack, forcing Mario and Luigi to jump even faster in order to dodge it.
  • Dreamy Shy Guy Airtub Attack: Dreamy Bowser will send out a large Dreamy Shy Guy Airtub that will chase only Luigi. Mario will be on the airtub itself and hammer away the Dreamy Shy Guys and attack the airtub itself with his hammer.
  • Bro Grab/Bro Throw: Dreamy Bowser will grab either Mario or Luigi and then tosses that bro away. Mario or Luigi must catch up to the other bro and catch him. If not, that bro will continue to take damage until they are caught or lose all of their HP.
  • Hammer Slam: Dreamy Bowser will summon a large hammer and then will flip a coin. If it lands on the "M", he will attack Mario and if it's "L", he will attack Luigi. Be alert that as soon the targeted bro deflects the attack, Dreamy Bowser will attack the other bro with the hammer.
  • Dreamy Minon Attack/Heal: Dreamy Bowser will summon a horde of Dreamy enemies and they will start to charge at Mario and Luigi. Dreamy Bowser will also use this opportunity to heal himself until all of the enemies are defeated. It should be noted that sometimes, Dreamy Bowser will slam the ground, sending a shockwave that not only damages Mario and Luigi, but his minions as well.
  • Rainbow Fire Stream: Dreamy Bowser will start to charge at Mario and Luigi and launch three streams of rainbow fire at them. Mario and Luigi must jump over this or take heavy damage. If Mario and Luigi dodge the fire stream, Dreamy Bowser will then stomp the ground causing a shockwave to head after the Bros. This is Dreamy Bowser's strongest attack.


For this battle, Dreamy Bowser will always block attacks using his right arm. Mario and Luigi must destory his right arm to weaken his defenses and strike him hard with Bros. AttacksBye-Bye Cannon is the best for taking out his right arm without damaging other parts. After his right arm is destoryed, Mario and Luigi should use their strongest Bros. Attacks including Zee Egg and Slingsniper. Whenever Dreamy Bowser summons his minions and heals himself, Mario or Luigi should toss a Taunt Ball to get Dreamy Bowser to come into the battle and run over his minons.