Dream Stone Soul
The Dream Stone Soul as seen in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
First Game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Appearances Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Gender Male
Homeland Dream World
Race Spirit
Alternative Form(s) Robo-Drilldigger

The Dream Stone Soul is a character who appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is the spirit of the Dream Stone that was taken from its resting place at Dozing Sands by Antasma and Bowser. The Dream Stone Soul resides in Dreamy Dozing Sands.


The Dream Stone Soul is extremely rude and stubborn as he wouldn't tell Mario, Dreamy Luigi, and Prince Dreambert anything about where Antasma and Bowser had taken the Dream Stone to. However, he does respect anyone who can take him in a battle.


The Dream Stone Soul is first seen sleeping in a room. However, he wakes and doesn't want to tell them anything. Mario, Dreamy Luigi, and Prince Dreambert then embark on a wild goose chance until the Dream Stone Soul is attacked by Mario and Dreamy Luigi. This make the Dream Stone Soul extreamly angry and he transforms into his creation: The Robo-Drilldigger. Dreamy Luigi then turns giant for the first time and defeats the Robo-Drilldigger. Excited to have fought such a worthy opponent, the Dream Stone Soul then tells Dreamy Luigi that the Dream Stone has been taken to Mount Pajamaja and leaves hoping to have a match with "big red" too.

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