Donut Plains 2
Donutplains 2
Overview of track
First appearance Super Mario Kart (1992)
Appears in Super Mario Kart
Cup Flower Cup
Retro Cup Extra Flower Cup

Donut Plains 2 is the third course in the Flower Cup of Super Mario Kart. This course is the first to introduce Monty Moles. Monty Moles pop up from their ditches and if a kart hits it, Monty Moles bounces at the kart, making the kart spin in circles.

There aren't any major hazards on this course other than a large pool of water about half way through the course. The gravel near the end, makes karts slide a lot quicker and at a longer distance. If the player's got a Star to hand, this may prove to be extremely useful. If, for some reason, he or she needs to turn in the gravel near the end, they should exercise caution since they're going to end up sliding a lot further than they think, and possibly into the wall.

Donut Plains 2 returned as the final track of the Extra Flower Cup of Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

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