Domino Effect
MPDS Domino Effect
Waluigi in duel mode
Appearance(s) Mario Party DS
Type 4-player mini-game
Duel mini-game
Music Get Into It

Domino Effect is a racing mini-game from Mario Party DS.


The camera pans over the start of the game, showing all four players hopping over the first five boards of the start simultaneously.


The objective of the mini-game is to race over twenty-five boards, lying on their sides, arranged like a chain of dominoes. In order to jump to the following board, the player must hit a specified button which is pictured over it. Should the player hit the right button, he or she will advance; otherwise, the player will be frozen for approximately one third of a second. The player who traverses the entire course and lands on the ending stump first is the winner. Should multiple players happen to finish first simultaneously, they are all declared winners.


For the starting 10 or so boards, the buttons required to be pressed are only A or B. The third quarter of the course introduces the X button into the pool of buttons to be pressed, and the final stretch introduces the Y button as well.