The players hammering in Domination.
Appearance(s) Mario Party 4
Type 4-player mini-game

Domination is a 4-player mini-game from Mario Party 4.


The characters start by standing in front of four rows of Whomps. The Whomps are lined up in a straight line across a pathway of a castle. The players are equipped with a hammer, which is to be used to press the panel in front of them.

The objective of this mini-game is for the player to pound the switch in front of them in order to knock down the Whomps. To pound the hammer, the player must press the A button repeatedly. After ten seconds, the row of Whomps will be knocked down. The more the player pounds, the more Whomps will be knocked down. The character that knocks down the most Whomps wins.


  • GCN A - Repeatedly to hammer switch

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