"Oh! Well now! I believe that's the dolly that Gooombaria said she lost! She'll no doubt be overjoyed if you give it back to her."
Goombaria's Dolly
"An adorable doll that looks exactly like Princess Peach."
First Game Paper Mario
Appearances Paper Mario
Owner Goombella
Type Key item
Notes Needed to give to Goombella for a Star Piece.

The Dolly, also known as the Peach Doll, is a key item in Paper Mario.


This doll, owned by Goombaria, got stuck in a tree in Jr. Troopa's Playground. After Mario retrieves the Hammer from a bush, he is able to strike a tree with it. When the tree is hit, the Dolly will fall down the tree.

After the fight with Jr. Troopa, Mario is able to bring the Dolly back to Goombaria. To show her gratitude, she grants Mario a Star Piece and a kiss.


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