Dizzy Stomp
Dizzy Stomp
Dizzy Stomp as it appears in Paper Mario
First game Paper Mario (2001)
Appears in Paper Mario (2001)
Effect Jump attack that can daze enemies
Found Mt. Lavalava
Badge Points 1

Dizzy Stomp is a badge in Paper Mario.


Wearing the badge gives Mario a new jump attack that has the potential to daze his foes. The badge has a BP cost of 1 and, to use this attack, Mario must pay 2 FP.

Dizzy Stomp is found in Mt. Lavalava, but only if Mario has the Ultra Hammer. Using Parakarry, Mario can cross a lava river in a room hidden by steel blocks. In this room, atop a rocky slope, Mario can acquire this badge by way of a treasure chest.

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