Mario battling Digga-Leg
First Game Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Location Spin-Dig Galaxy
Attacks Stomps
Summoning Diggas
Digga-Leg is the first boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It vastly resembles a smaller version of Megaleg from Super Mario Galaxy, with its weak spot being its underside, which contains a Power Star. However, this version only has two
Digga leg
legs, and its eyes emit a red glow. Mario's only option is to drill through the planet from wherever Digga-Leg is not and strike its underside.

Digga-Leg's primary methods of attack are to stomp around his small, rocky planetoid in the Spin-Dig Galaxy, and to summon Diggas. If, and when it gets annoyed, it will jump into the air and kill Mario if he gets landed on. When he gets hit three times with the drill, the boss will calm right down, blow up, and hand over his Power Star. The Power Star's name is Diggaleg's Planet. When Mario gets enough Comet Medals a Prankster Comet comes to the Spin-Dig Galaxy. This comet unlocks Digga-Leg's Daredevil Run. In this level Mario has only one health bar and he cannot get any more. But instead of having to do the entire level Mario is sent straight to Digga-Legs planetoid. Digga-Leg is powered by a new Power Star but the battle is the same except for the fact that Mario cannot get hit or else he loses a life.

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