Dessert Menu
Dessert Menu - Mario Party Advance
Dessert Menu's gameplay from Mario Party Advance.
Game Mario Party Advance
Description "Pick a dessert from the menu. Do you see any of your favorites?"
Control(s) "A button - Add/delete decoration
D-pad - Move objects
B button - Cancel"
Obtained Completing the mission Accessorize!.

The Desert Menu is a type of Gaddget, which, like all others, is created by Professor E. Gadd. It appears in Mario Party Advance.


This Gaddget an be unlocked via completing the mission Accessorize!. The place itself seems to be in the clouds. It is also in relation to the related Cake Maker Gaddget.

First, when playing the Gaddget, the player has to first choose between a strawberry, banana or a watermelon. Then, red, cyan or pink ice-cream, following up with choosing a cup, an ice-cream holder or a plate. Then, these things all become bundled together to make a type of fancy sundae, cake, etc. for the player to see.

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