MKW Day Tripper
Peach in the Daytripper.
First Appearance Mario Kart Wii
Unlockable YesY

The Daytripper, also known as the Royal Racer, is an unlockable middle weight kart from Mario Kart Wii.


The strengths of this kart are in the handling and the mini-turbo, while its weaknesses are drifting and top speed.

To unlock the Daytripper, the Leaf Cup must be completed in first place on a 150cc engine class, or if 2,700 games are played.

The Daytripper was also used by Normal Staffs, Nin★HIRO with Princess Peach in Peach Beach and Nin★Toki with Princess Daisy in Daisy Circuit.


  • The Royal Racer and Bon Bon are the only pair of counterparts in which one vehicle is a standard vehicle, while the other is an unlockable.