Dark-Light Device
The Dark-Light Device.
First Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013)
Effects Casts a rainbow light that reveals invisible objects, Spirit Balls, Boos, and other ghosts.
Notes In the Lab of Gloomy Manor.

The Dark-Light Device is one of E. Gadd's inventions and it is used by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.



The Dark-Light Device in action.

The Dark-Light Device is mainly used to uncover hidden or invisible objects. This can cast a rainbow-like light that can reveal enemies called Spirit Balls, which Luigi then can use the Poltergust 5000 to vacuum them up. The Dark-Light Device also helps in capturing Boos, find tracks leading to the Polterpup, and to aid in fight with certain ghosts (such as Sneakers). It can also reveal coins and even Toad Assistants in paintings Luigi first acquires the Lab of Gloomy Manor during the fourth mission A-4: Visual Tracks.

The Dark-Light Device can be used by holding the "Y" button. Be careful as if the gauge for the Dark-Light Device is used up, it will overheat and leave Luigi wide open to ghost attacks. The Dark-Light Device can be upgraded after Luigi has cleared a mission and has the necessary money.

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