Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series Dance Dance Revolution
Release date JP July 14, 2005
EU October 25, 2005
AU November 24, 2005
Genre(s) Music, exergaming
Mode(s) Single player
Ratings CERO: A
ESBR: Everyone (E)
PEGI: 3+
Media Nintendo optical disc
Input methods Dance pad, Gamepad

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, known as Dancing Stage Mario Mix in Europe and Dance Dance Revolution with Mario in Japan, also known as DDR Mario Mix or just Mario Mix, is a 2005 music video game by Nintendo and Konami for the Nintendo GameCube, and is the first Dance Dance Revolution game to be released on a Nintendo console outside of Japan. Mario Mix features several of Nintendo's popular characters, including Mario, Luigi, Toad Toadette, Waluigi, Wario, and Bowser. It is notable for being the only game to feature Waluigi in a prominent role, as the main antagonist during the game's Story mode. The game is bundled with the dance pad controller.


  • "Here We Go!"
  • "Underground Mozart"
  • "Pipe Pop"
  • "Garden Boogie"
  • "Destruction Dance"
  • "Jump! Jump! Jump!"
  • "Pirate Dance"
  • "In the Whirlpool"
  • "Step by Step"
  • "Blooper Bop"
  • "Rollercoasting"
  • "Hammer Dance"
  • "Boo Boogie"
  • "Starring Wario!"
  • "Frozen Pipes"
  • "Cabin Fever"
  • "Ms. Mowz's Song"
  • "Deep Freeze"
  • "Rendezvous on Ice"
  • "Midnight Drive"
  • "Bowser's Castle"
  • "Up, Down, Left, Right"
  • "Choir on the Green"
  • "Where's the Exit?"
  • "Piroli"


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