Cucumber with Yoshi - Mario Kart DS
Yoshi being selected in the Cucumber kart.
First Appearance Mario Kart DS (2005)
Unlockable YesY

The Cucumber is a kart used by Yoshi in Mario Kart DS. This kart has the best item stat of this, the Egg 1, and the Standard YS. This kart is in the shape of a cucumber and appears to resemble a car from the 1930s. This kart is long, so it sometimes doesn't need to jump over small holes in tracks. This kart is similar of all Yoshi's karts that it's great on all stats, but weight. This kart is also very similar to the Classic Dragster in Mario Kart Wii in both appearance and stats.


  • Speed - 50%
  • Acceleration - 90%
  • Weight - 60%
  • Handling - 80%
  • Drift - 35%
  • Items - 100%
  • Average - Almost 71%

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