Cractus' sprite from Wario Land 4.
First Game Wario Land 4 (2001)
Appearances Wario Land 4
Gender Male
Homeland Emerald Passage
Location Emerald Passage
Species Venus Fly Trap
Family Unknown
Attacks Chewing, drooling, arm slamming

Cractus is the second boss found in Wario Land 4 that resembles a venus fly trap-like plant. Cractus can be found in the Emerald Passage where he is guarding it.


When his drool touches Wario, Wario turns his form into Zombie Wario. There is also a firefly flying by when Wario transforms which Wario can touch to turn to his normal state and can attack Cractus. Wario can simply attack Cractus by using the vine ladders and jump on Cractus' head, slamming him. If Wario destroy's Cractus' pot, Cractus is revealed to have the bottom body like a ghost and appears to be cloud formed.

Cractus can also attack Wario with his sharp jaws and his arms while levitating throughout the air. He can also be seen in the ending scene pictures chasing Wario.


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