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Count Bleck
Count Bleck
The Master of Darkness
First Game Super Paper Mario (2007)
Gender Male
Homeland Bleck's Castle
Kindred Lady Timpani
Race Tribe of Darkness
"Bleh heh heh heh heh... The man known as Blumiere died long ago. Now there is only Bleck! The Dark Prognosticus's choice to fulfill the prophecy! Nothing more"
— Count Bleck

Count Bleck, who was once known as Lord Blumeire, is the arch-villain in Super Paper Mario and uses the Dark Prognosticus and the Chaos Heart to try and destroy all of the universe. He has a past with Tippi; whom at the time was known as Timpani, the love of Lord Blumeire. However, their love could not be as there were family issues so he decided to destroy everything. He has a large army that he mostly stole from Bowser so it mostly consists of Koopa Troopas, Goomba, etc. who were brainwashed by Nastasia, his right-hand minion. He also had several bosses on his side such as Dimentio, O' Chunks, Mimi, and for a while Mr. L.


Count Bleck was first seen at the wedding in the intro to Super Paper Mario. Bleck is also seen many times throughout the game during scenes in between chapters. Count Bleck is also, obviously, seen at the end of the game as part of the final boss fight. After the fight is over, he is wounded, and then talks to his beloved Timpani one last time.


With the help of the Chaos heart, Count Bleck has many powerful magical attacks. Not only can Count Bleck create shields, he can also use a powerful attack that causes Mario and his party to become slow. Bleck is also known for his ability to create miniature black holes. These holes start out in the middle of the room and suck up Mario and his friends. Count Bleck flies across the room, protected by his Chaos Heart. He will stand on one of the many platforms and execute a deadly attack.

Boss Battle

Super Paper Mario Battle Count Bleck06:50

Super Paper Mario Battle Count Bleck

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