Cosmic Spirit
Cosmic Spirit in-game
First Game Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Appearances Super Mario Galaxy 2
Gender Female
Kindred Spirit
Race Human

Cosmic Spirit is a character in Super Mario Galaxy 2 with a female human shape just like that of Rosalina.

When Mario talks to her, Cosmic Spirit will ask if he needs to be shown the way to any Stars. If the player agrees to do so, the Cosmic Spirit will transform into a blue orb that will encircle and gain control of Mario. This blue orb will guide Mario to the Power Star, but will not collect any Star Bits, coins, comet medals, or 1-ups and health mushrooms, all on purpose. This downside is most obviously demonstrated on the level Tall Trunk's Big Slide. While there is the option of regaining control of Mario by use of the + button, doing so is virtual suicide as this will make the Power Star degrade to a Bronze Star, in which you have to replay the level to get the Power Star.

Please note that while the Cosmic Spirit assists the player, Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi antagonized players instead of helping them. The cosmic spirit ends up to be Rosalina.

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