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Cosmic Mario
Cosmic Mario
Cosmic Mario SMG
Cosmic Mario's model from Super Mario Galaxy.
First Game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Gender Male

Cosmic Mario is a Star Bit filled version of Mario (or Luigi) in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land. He resembles Shadow Mario and Cosmic Clones. His primary role in the game is similar to Koopa the Quick in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, and Il Piantissimo from Super Mario Sunshine, in which the player races him to get an award; in this case, a Power Star/Flag Pole. Holding Z when in the ready position causes Mario or Luigi to get a boost. The races are slightly more difficult against Cosmic Luigi.

Cosmic Mario's voice is Mario's voice in a much higher pitch. It was given to him to add a space effect to the character.

Cosmic Mario/Luigi is only in a galaxy if there is a Cosmic Comet orbiting the galaxy. Cosmic Comets appear in the following galaxies:


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  • Cosmic Mario/Luigi's theme, whenever Mario or Luigi are racing him, is a sped up, high-pitched and distorted version of the original Super Mario Bros. theme with a bassline of a sped-up and distorted version of the Underground Theme.

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