Coin Runners MK7

As seen in Mario Kart 7.

Coin Runners is a Battle Mode introduced in Mario Kart Wii.

In this mode, players are split into two teams with a three minute time limit, and coins are scattered all over the battleground. Players can pick up coins by running over them. More coins will fall from the sky periodically until a certain amount is on the field, then they will stop falling (unless coins go out of bounds, in which case they will reappear at a random spot on the field).

Getting hit by a Banana Peel or a Fake Item Box causes the player to lose 3 coins, while getting hit by any kind of shell or run over by a Mega Mushroom causes the player to lose half of their coins (with a minimum of 3). Getting hit by a Star or a Mushroom causes the rammer to steal 3 coins.

At the end, whichever team has the most coins wins the round.

The mode returns in Mario Kart 7, but with a two-minute time limit and it can be played by themselves with a maximum of ten coins.

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