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Chomp Ruins
Mario entering Chomp Ruins.
World location World 5
Players Mario
Enemies Chain Chomps
Spear Guys
Hammer Bros.
Previous level Long Fall Falls
Next level Rugged Road
Game(s) Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Chomp Ruins is the fourth level of World 5 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Chomp Ruins is a very big and deep place. It has water pouring out in some places and vegetation growing from the cracks. The inside is much darker than outside.


Mario soon rides his raft to the mysterious Chomp Ruins with many secrets lurking inside. Mario must fight his way through the ruins while, at the same time, trying to solve puzzles as he moves around. He eventually comes across a giant sleeping Chain Chomp which he has to battle. Mario cannot harm the Chain Chomp in any way and must survive for three turns until the Chomp "flies" away (with it also dealing ten damage to Mario in the process). The Chain Chomp knocks into a wall, knocking down the whole room, revealing the Comet Piece which Mario takes to complete the level.


Thing Stickers


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