Chips and Dips
MPDS Chips and Dips
Chips and Dips gameplay.
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Chips and Dips is a battle mini-game in Mario Party DS.


In the first round, the cards are numbered one through five. In round two, a ten card are added. And in round three there is a Bowser card. The player must pick a face-down card with the stylus. Once a card is picked, that is the amount of chips the player get to keep either when it is a One, Three, Five, or Ten or the Bowser card. If the player picks a Bowser card in the third round, they lose half of the chips they earned so far. The player with the most chips at the end is declared the winner. The highest possible score is twenty-five while the lowest is one.


  • This is one of two games in Mario Party DS that take place on a poker table, the other being Shuffleboard Showdown.

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