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Chauncey's bronze portrait from Luigi's Mansion.
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion
Homeland Luigi's Mansion
Location Nursery
Species Ghost
Gender Male
Family Lydia (mother)
Neville (father)
Henry and Orville (twin siblings)
Affiliates King Boo
Attacks Levitating stuff, summoning rocking horses and bouncy balls to attack.
Defeated by Sucked in the Poltergust 3000
Creator Nintendo

Chauncey is the first boss ghost of Luigi's Mansion who rules Area One. He is the son of Neville and Lydia. He is a baby ghost that haunts the Nursery. In order for Luigi to make him appear, Luigi must use the Poltergust 3000 on the rocking horse to wake him up. Next, when Luigi has his attention, he must pick up the ball with the Poltergust and throw it at Chauncey while avoiding Chauncey's attacks by levitating toy teddy bears or suck them up to stop Chauncey's attacks. Then, Chauncey shrinks Luigi and they battle in his crib. Chauncey is able to speak, despite his age and throws tantrums a lot.

Boss Fight

When Luigi an Chauncey start battling, Chauncey summons rocking horses three times on which Luigi must avoid. When Luigi manages to evade the attacks, he must look out for the many balls Chauncey summons and suck the giant ball with his Poltergust 3000 that doesn't disappear and aim and throw it at Chauncey to attack and suck his HP. Afterwards, Chauncey attempts to crush Luigi by bouncing all across the crib. The further Chauncey's HP gets sucked, the quicker he summons his rocking horses. Once all 100 HP of Chauncey's HP becomes sucked up, Chauncey collapses and Luigi gains the key to Area 1.

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