Character Space
Character Space (Mario Party 7)
A Character Space with Mario's symbol.
First appearance Mario Party 6
Appears in Mario Party 6
Mario Party 7
Effect Item used on this space under the ownership of that character.

The Character Space is a special type of space that makes its debut in Mario Party 6, and then returns in the next Mario Party games.

Normal Character Spaces

When the player throws any yellow orb on any space except the player's current space, green space and spaces that players are standing, then it takes place in the thrown spot, where it will stay for the rest of the game, until the end. The player will receive 5 coins (10 in Mario Party 7's Solo Cruise, 15 in the last 5 turns) if the player lands on their own. But if an opponent lands on it, then it will trigger the trap. Each character has its own logo space in Mario Party 7. For example: Mario has an M logo, Yoshi has an egg logo, Wario has a W logo, Luigi has an L logo, and Daisy has a daisy (flower) logo.

Roadblock Character Spaces

When thrown, a Roadblock Character Space remains until passed. The character is stopped by the space, and either coins, items, orbs, or stars are taken away, and given to the owner (a few others will not, but only take away). It is then removed for the rest of the game.

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