Chance Time (Mario Party 2)

As seen in Mario Party 2.

Chance Time is a feature in the Mario Party series. In this game which debuted in the first Mario Party, players can trade coins, stars, or possibly everything that you've earned. It is activated by landing on ! space.


Mario Party

In Mario Party, the setting is based on the board the player is playing on (so when they are playing in Mario's Rainbow Castle, the setting is cloud). Koopa Troopa says to the player the brief information, and then the player hits 3 blocks in any order. Left and Right blocks show the player who is trading, and the middle block shows the player what is the prize. This includes giving and trading. However, if a player lands on a Bowser Space, there is a chance of a Bowser's Chance Time where Bowser will always receive coins.

Mario Party 2

In Mario Party 2, Chance Time is basically same as the Mario Party edition, but now, Toad hosts the event, the setting is always on a stage, and there are more variety of events. Like Mario Party, there is a chance for a Bowser's Chance Time event.

Mario Party 3

In Mario Party 3, Chance Time is a bit different. Toad still hosts the event, and there is a mushroom slot. The players have to hit the ! block, to stop the part of the mushroom slot. Also, now Toad decides the order randomly. The left of the slot shows the player who give away, the right of the slot shows the player who gets the prize, and the middle of the slot shows the prize. This is the only Chance Time with no trading.

Mario Party 4

In Mario Party 4, this event is renamed to Reversal of Fortune. Player decide the players, and the prize, but in a Pinball Machine! The place where the ball lands, decide what will happen.

Mario Party 5

In Mario Party 5, this event has to be made by a Chance Capsule. The event is same.

Mario Party 6

In Mario Party 6, this event is named Round of Miracles. Now, the characters and the prize is shown in the octagon machine.

Mario Party 7, 8

Although there is no chance time in Mario Party 7 and 8, the event that the victor does in the duel minigame is very similar to Chance Time. Loser is someone who gives, Winner is someone who gets, and the prize is decided by the ! block or the Roulette Wheel.

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