Cavern of the Metal Cap
Cavern of the Metal Cap
Players Mario
Game(s) Super Mario 64 (1996)
Super Mario 64 DS (2004)

Cavern of the Metal Cap is a secret course in Super Mario 64 which houses eight Red Coins and the switch that activates the Metal Cap. Once the green switch is hit, the Metal Cap becomes available to use.


Cavern of the Metal Cap is the only level in Super Mario 64 and its DS remake that is accessed through a secret path in another level. Within Hazy Maze Cave, Mario (others in the DS version) can use Dorrie to access a secret room where he can find a hole similar to the one that leads to Hazy Maze Cave. Through here, Mario enters the Cavern of the Metal Cap.


Cavern of the Metal Cap is a small cave with only a Snifit, Amps, a Goomba in the DS version, and several coins. Inside the cavern is a fast flowing stream. If the player falls in the water and does not get out in time, the player will be transported to the waterfall outside the castle, and into the lake and moat. Mario can collect the Red Coins here to collect a Power Star.

In Super Mario 64 DS, the area is retitled Behind The Waterfall and there is no Metal Cap switch. The green switch! is removed The level only has two secret power stars, one being the same Red Coin star. Use Wario to get the power flower and turn metal. Get the coins and walk underwater and another requiring Mario to get the Power Flower and float up to the star.