Catbat's sprite from Wario Land 4
First Game Wario Land 4 (2001)
Appearances Wario Land 4
Gender Male
Homeland Sapphire Passage
Location Sapphire Passage
Species Ghostly Cat
Family Unknown
Attacks Spitting spikes, creating whirlpools

Catbat is the fifth boss found in Wario Land 4. He guards the Sapphire Passage.


This cat has a bat on its head, is mainly purple, and is able to levitate, explaining its ghostly appearance. It holds it's golden rare property, bracelets.


When engaging in battle, Wario must dodge the waves Catbat sends at him and counter it by hopping onto the wave Catbat sends out and hit him back while avoiding all of the spikes Catbat sends out or else it turns Wario into his puffy form. Wario must repeat this enough times.

When enraged, Catbat's cat on its head disappears and Catbat then shoots red spikes that can actually injure Wario instead of puffing him up. He sends waves which goes into a bumpy pattern rather than flowing.



  • Catbat is the second boss in Wario Land 4 to be a duo, the previous duo was Cuckoo Condor.

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