Carnival Cards

MC Ballyhoo and Bigtop awarding the player cards.

Carnival Cards are the currency that is used in Mario Party 8's Star Carnival. It is earned by playing in the 4 tents and can be exchanged in the Fun Bazaar for prizes, such as new mini-games, sound clips, figures and more.


  • Party Tent: Battle Royale / Tag Battle: 20-100 (Depending on the number of turns in a game)
  • Party Tent: Duel Battle: 20
  • Star Battle Arena: 200
  • Minigames: 1 each
  • Test for the Best: 10-100


Cards earned for playing mini-games can only be earned through playing in the Free Play Arcade and not in the Battle Royale Mode or Star Battle Arena. Mini-games are counted up and the cards are awarded upon exiting minigame mode. No additional cards are rewarded for minigame competitions.