Call of the Goomba
Call of the Goomba - Gameplay
Mario summoning Goombas with his crank.
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Call of the Goomba is a 4-player and a Duel mini-game from Mario Party DS.


This area takes place in the forest with organ grinders that can be turned, making them play the Super Mario Bros. theme song.


The player must turn the crank on the stylus, at the speed shown in the intro in order to attract the Goomba to the player's stump on the open field in the forest. The notes are needed to be played at the correct speed that the tune of the song goes. If it is cranked at the incorrect speed, the notes are in a grey tone of colour. If at the correct, colours such as red, blue or yellow come out.

Goombas, upon hearing the correct tune, starts to wander their way to whoever is playing the correct tune. Whichever player has the most Goombas attracted to them gains victory.


  • Stylus - Turn crank


  • The title of the mini-game is a pun on the phrase "Call of the Wild".

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