Cake Maker
Cake Maker - Mario Party Advance
Cake Maker's gameplay from Mario Party Advance.
Game Mario Party Advance
Description "Decorate a cake! But... try not to take a bite out of it. Trust us."
Control(s) "A button - Pick, place
L/R buttons - Toggle through decorating menus
D-pad - Move cursor
B button - Cancel"
Obtained Completing the quest Locomotionless

The Cake Maker is a Gaddget, like all others, created by Professor E. Gadd. This Gaddget is featured in the game Mario Party Advance.


Cake Maker can be unlocked in the game by having the mission Locomotionless completed, allowing Shy Guy to give the player this minigame. The area itself seems to be on an orange tablecloth with a blue plate having the cake on it.

In this Gaddget, the player can customise their own cake, but with limited choices. He/she can do this by choose their cake colour by choosing the first tab bar having the option of a white, brown or pink cake. The default colour is white. The second has white, brown or pink frosting toppings on it. Third has fruit toppings such as oranges, fourth has miscellaneous toppings such as mushrooms and literal stars and the fifth has the messages "THANK YOU!" and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" as optional messages to be put on the cake.

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