Cage-in Cookin'
Cage-in Cookin'
Cage-in Cookin'
Appearance(s) Mario Party 5
Mario Party: The Top 100
Type Bowser mini-game

Cage-in Cookin' is one of the three Bowser mini-games from Mario Party 5.


The game begins after Bowser gets up from his seat and starts walking.

The players are each trapped in a cage. The object of the game is to get out of the cage before Bowser finishes his walk and breathes fire. In order to get out of the cage, the player must press the on-screen buttons shown on the lock's monitor. However, you have to get out before time (approximately 5 seconds) is up.

Every button (except Z and Start/Pause) is used. Pressing the button shown on-screen will grant you a new button that you have to press, and so on [for eight times]. The Control Stick, C-Stick, and D-Pad won't be used. Making a mistake will be the last thing the player would want to do. And if that does happen, then he/she would need to be quick to regain that lost time (a fraction of a second can still make a difference).




  •  Its name is a pun of Cajun Cooking.

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