Buzzar Sprite (Paper Mario)
Buzzar's sprite from Paper Mario.
First Game Paper Mario (2000)
Attacks Charges at Mario.

Buzzar is a character and boss in the game Paper Mario.


The Buzzar is a large, bird like creature.


During the events of Chapter 2, Buzzar guards the bridge on Mt. Rugged that leads to Dry Dry Desert as it was given orders by Bowser to take out Mario. When Mario passes by the bridge, Buzzar will fly down and ask for Mario's identity. The choices are "Mario," "Luigi," or "Princess Peach." If Mario chooses anything but Luigi, he will be forced into a boss fight with Buzzard. If he chooses Luigi, Buzzar will see the resemblance and lets Mario pass. Buzzar will continue to keep watch until Mario decides to defeat him.


Buzzar Sprite (Paper Mario)
Location Mt. Rugged
HP 40
Attack 3 (Talon swipe and feather toss)
4(Sky drop and wind gust)
Defense 0

Buzzar, despite still being a rather early boss in the game, is a very formidable opponent with various of attacks. Buzzar's basic attack is swopping down at Mario with his large, sharp talons dealing 3 points of damage. He can also throw his feathers to deal the same amount of damage as well. However, Buzzar is feared for using two other attacks. One of them involves Buzzar grabbing Mario in its talons. If Mario doesn't escape it's grasp, it will drop Mario from the sky and deal 4 points of damage which is a lot for that point in the game. It's other deadly attack involves using a gust of wind that can do a fixed amount of damage depending on how fast the player taps the A button. Although this attack can be weakened to deal only 1 point of damage, this move will still knock out the partner for the next turn and this attack in unblockable.


The fight with Buzzar early on is very challenging. If the player decides to take it on early in the chapter, then it is recommended to bring at least 3 Whacka Bumps to the battle. However, it is highly recommended to fight Buzzar after the chapter has been completed as it gives Mario a chance to level up more and upgrade Parakarry to the Super Rank for stronger attacks. Two of Buzzar's attacks aren't threatening but his other two, the sky drop and wind gust attacks, are. For both attacks, it involves pressing the A button repeatedly to either escape the attack or minimize damage. The wind gust attack will always knock out the partner for at least the next turn so make sure to heal Mario when necessary when his HP gets low.


This is Buzzar. She guards Mt. Rugged. Wow! That's one big bird!
Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
If you get caught in the clutches of his sharp claws, you'll lose 4 HP! Try to

wriggle out of his grip.

His special attack is flapping his wings to create wind. This attack damages

your party members, too.

But he was hatching eggs, wasn't he? Is it possible that he's really a she? I



  • Although Buzzar is referred to as male by Goombario, he believes it may be female due to watching over eggs.
  • Buzzar is the first enemy/boss in the game to use an attack that damages both Mario and his partner.