First Game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Appearances Super Mario Galaxy 2
Location Honeyhive Galaxy
Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Species Mandibug
Attacks Bombs

Bugaboom is the leader of the Mandibug clan that Mario faces on a small planet in the Honeyhive Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy and a similar planet in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. To defeat this giant boss in the first game, Mario must use a Bee Mushroom to fly above Bugaboom then Ground Pound on it three times. On the second and third times Bugaboom is more difficult to attack because it will fly around the planet Mario is fighting it on. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bugaboom is fought at the Puzzle Plank Galaxy. However there is no Bee Mushroom. Instead there is a cloud flower, and Mario must use that power-up in a similar way. Bugaboom's attack is dropping bombs on the ground that have a small blast radius and is easy to avoid. After Mario defeats Bugaboom, a Power Star will appear.


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