Bubble Breeze Galaxy
Mario just arriving at the Bubble Breeze Galaxy.
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Area Kitchen
Number of Stars 1
Missions Through the Poison Swamp

The Bubble Breeze Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This galaxy is a large swamp with a few islands and a few large fans. The Toad Brigade is found in the galaxy. This galaxy features Bubble Blowing.


Through the Poison Swamp

Mario must get to the Power Star by floating over the swamp's quicksand-like water in a bubble. The entire mission is very hazardous; the bubble Mario is in can pop easily, sending him falling into the muck below. Among the dangers he will encounter are mines and spinning walls.


  • The Prima guide often erroneously refers to the Bubble Breeze Galaxy as the Bubble Blast Galaxy.