Bubba SM64
Mario approaching a Bubba in Super Mario 64.
First Game Super Mario 64 (1996)
Appearances Super Mario 64
Mario Party
Mario Golf
Homeland Tiny-Huge Island
Located Tiny-Huge Island
Leader Bowser
Subspecies Bub
Lava Bubba
Related Boss Bass
Attacks Swallowing Mario
Defeated by Unbeatable

Bubbas are large orange Cheep-Cheeps that first appear in Super Mario 64. They have large mouths which can swallow Mario as an attack, making him lose a life. They appear in Tiny-Huge Island in Super Mario 64 and been replaced by Big Bertha in Super Mario 64 DS. Nothing is able to defeat Bubbas.

Bubbas appear in Mario Golf along with Blurps who can eat the balls when they land in the water. Bubbas also are smaller in the game. They also appear in Mario Party on Yoshi's Tropical Island on the Happening Space that eat the player and swap positions with another player.


  • They resemble Koi fish as their species origin.

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