Box Mountain Mayhem
The players competing in Box Mountain Mayhem.
Appearance(s) Mario Party
Type 4-player mini-game
Time 30 seconds
Music Ducking and Dodging

Box Mountain Mayhem is a 4-player mini-game in Mario Party.


The game requires the player to get as many coins and coin bags as possible. To see what is inside of the boxes, the player must punch them.

While on Mini-Game Island, this mini-game serves as World 6-1 and the player must get ten or more coins to complete the game.


Game Rules Break the mountain of boxes.
Clear the game by winning the race.<Get 10 or more Coins to clear the game.
Controls N64 A - Move N64 A - Jump - N64 B Attack N64 A+N64 Z - Hip Drop
Advice In the box mountain, there are also Whomp Blocks that bounce you back when you attack them.