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Bowser Suit
Bowser Suit
First Game Mario Party 2 (1999)
Appearances Mario Party 2
Mario Party 3
Mario Party 4
Mario Party: The Top 100

The Bowser Suit is an item that appears in numerous Mario Party games. The Bowser Suit was first introduced as an item in Mario Party 2.


The Bowser Suit was a rare item in this game, in which the characters could only receive it from an item mini-game. When a character used this item, their whole body except their head will transform into a suit that is similar to Bowser's body. They will then hit a Dice Block to determine the number of spaces they will travel, causing any character they pass to give up twenty coins. The Bowser Suit returns in Mario Party 3, and functions
MP3 Bash N Cash

Yoshi in the Bowser Suit

the same way from the previous installment, except the item is more common now. The Bowser Suit also returns in Mario Party 4 as a mushroom-looking item instead of the traditional suit. The Bowser Suit in this game however is very rare, and is only given to a player by Bowser through a special event. Also, instead of taking twenty coins from an opponent, it now takes thirty coins. The Bowser suit made another appearance in Mario Party 8 as the Bowser Candy. When a character uses the Bowser Candy, they will transform into, and steal two stars from any character they pass. This candy is only found in Bowser's Warped Orbit.

The Bowser Suit returns in Mario Party: The Top 100, but now has the wearer's head coming out of the suit's mouth.