Bowser SMB
Fire Mario fighting the real Bowser.
First Game Super Mario Bros.
Appearances Super Mario Bros.
Gender Male
Homeland Koopa Kingdom
Location World 8-4
Species Koopa Troopa
Attacks Fire breath
Hammer toss

Bowser is the main antagonist and final boss of the game, Super Mario Bros.


After going through seven other worlds fighting nothing but False Bowsers, Mario finally confronts the real Bowser at the end of the final level. Mario manages to make it through the maze-like level and takes down the real Bowser once and for all rescuing Princess Peach.


In the final battle, Bowser fires a barrage of fireballs and even tosses hammers. Bowser never lets up on this relentless assault forcing Mario to always be dodging. Bowser can be taken down by pressing the axe at the far right side. However, skilled players are able to make it to Bowser and defeat him with a barrage of fireballs from Fire Mario. After Bowser is defeated, Mario (and the player) is rewarded with a grateful Princess Peach.


  • The concept of having seven False Bowsers and finally the real Bowser is used again in Super Mario 3D Land.