First Game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Appearances Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Location Ghostly Galaxy
Boss Blitz Galaxy
Species Unknown
Attacks Rocks

Bouldergeist is a ghost with the power to control rocks in the Ghostly Galaxy. He holds one of the Power Stars and was the one who presumably captured Luigi. He reappears in the sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2 as one of the bosses faced in the Boss Blitz Galaxy.


Bouldergeist's main attack is throwing rocks, boulders and stones at Mario. They are quite easy to avoid if the player runs in a straight line. However, he'll occasionally summon a straight line of rocks, which hurts Mario if he's caught in it and restricts Mario's moving space. To defeat Bouldergeist, Mario must get the Bomb Boos produced from the black rocks he throws. After three hits, he transforms into his true form: a black ghost. Then he'll try to run, spawning Bomb Boos. The player must use the Bomb Boos to hit him. In his second phase, he grows rock hands. These rock hands gives him new attacks such as slamming them into the ground or trying to punch Mario. Plus, the rock geyser attack makes two lines instead of one. Simply apply the first strategy, but the right hand would restrict you from hitting the body.

Daredevil Mode lives up to the name: Bouldergeist's frantic attacks could instantly defeat Mario if you are not careful.


  • Bouldergeist's true form seems to be a Dark Boo. In fact, he may actually be a Dark Boo himself.
  • Bouldergeist is very similar to Thardus in Metroid Prime.
  • The name comes from the word "Boulder" and the horror movie "Poltergeist."