Boss Blitz Galaxy
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Number of Stars 4
Missions Throwback Throwdown
Throwback Throwdown Speed Run
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Boss(es) Dino Piranha
King Kaliente
Major Burrows
Fiery Dino Piranha

The Boss Blitz Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. In this galaxy, bosses from Super Mario Galaxy, the game's predecessor, are fought. This galaxy was bought back in Super Mario 3D World with the same name.


Throwback Throwdown

Mario must defeat Dino Piranha, King Kaliente, Major Burrows, Bouldergeist and Fiery Dino Piranha, as well as some normal enemies.

Throwback Throwdown Speed Run

This is the same as Throwback Throwdown except there is a time limit, as well as time-adding clocks. This mission is only accessible, unless already completed, if a Speedy Comet is in orbit.

Green Star 1

Green Star 2


  • The music has not changed for the bosses except for the galaxy's main music. All five bosses have their original battle themes.
  • When Starship Mario goes near or beside the icon, it will give off glittering sounds.
  • For unknown reasons, Topmaniac does not reappear in this galaxy, despite being fought twice (Four times including the Prankster Comets) in Super Mario Galaxy.
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