Boomsday Machine
Boomsday Machine against Cloud Mario.
First Game Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Appearances Super Mario Galaxy 2
Gender Unknown
Homeland Bowser's Castle
Location Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker
Species Robot
Attacks Treads

The Boomsday Machine is the last Bowser Jr. boss battle in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario needs the Cloud Flower to defeat it. The boss has two main attacks: launching spheres of electricity from the cannon and electrifying the glass dome. When its vacuum goes on, Mario must make clouds to progress higher that eventually becomes sucked in; however, the electric balls will disintegrate the clouds. In order for Mario to defeat it, he needs to ground pound on the glass case with Bowser Jr. in it three times. After Mario ground pounds the glass case two times the Boomsday machine releases threads and becomes mobile. When Mario defeats, it explodes and releases a Grand Star. If you almost out of life while fighting this boss there are blocks on the ground near the edges of the ring, if you ground pound it you will get a coin.

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