Book Bash
Book Bash
Book Bash
Appearance(s) Mario Party DS
Type Boss mini-game
Music Boss Battle

Book Bash is a Boss mini-game in the game Mario Party DS. It is faced when Kamek is fought.


It first involves the player on a magical floating book, where moving bookcases and flying books need to be avoided. When reaching the door at the end, a giant Kamek, or rather regular sized Kamek considering how small Mario and his friend's are, stands. Kamek will starting firing magical blasts at the player, which the player must dodge or lose hearts. The player can shoot ink at Kamek blinding him and causing him to go into a rage; He fires magic bolts widely causing books to fall down that need to be avoided, and then a brown book falls, whacking Kamek on the head. Before the final blow, a brown book isn't dropped, but a blue dictionary is, which hits Kamek, who then falls onto the ground, completing the mini-game.