Boo Mario
Boo Mario Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy
Artwork of Boo Mario from Super Mario Galaxy
Item required Boo Mushroom
User(s) Mario
Other forms Boo Luigi
Powers and Abilities Temporary flight
Able to understand Boo language (Booish)
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Latest appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2

Boo Mario is one of Mario's many forms. This form first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy in the Ghostly Galaxy. If Mario obtains a Boo Mushroom, he will turn into Boo Mario. Boo Mario can float by pressing the A button and turn himself invisible by spinning the Wii Remote, making Boo Mario go through solid walls. If he flies into a light, he turns into regular Mario. The Boos in the area that Boo Mario is in will become infatuated and follow him around. The Boo Mushroom also appears in Haunty Halls Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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