Boo Buddy
Boo buddy Boo buddy2 Boo buddy3
The three different types of Boo Buddies.
First Game Super Mario World (1990)
Appearances Super Mario World
Yoshi's Story
Super Mario 3D Land
Located Ghost House
Ghost Castle
Leader King Boo
Subspecies Boo Buddy Snake
Related Boo
Attacks Swooping at the player.
Defeated by Egg (YS)
Undefeatable (SMW)

Boo Buddies are small Boos in masses of attack. They appear in Super Mario World and Yoshi's Story.


Super Mario World

Circling boo buddies

In Super Mario World.

Their first appearance is in Super Mario World where they can be found in the Donut Ghost House and the Forest Ghost House. They occasionally turn transparent and reappear again with half doing one and the other half doing the other. Boo Buddies are known to be indestructible and must only be avoided.

There are also Boo Buddy Snakes in this game that are subspecies of Boo Buddies that are Boos all in a single line going in various zigzag patterns.

Yoshi's Story

Boo Buddies reappear in Yoshi's Story where they mark their most recent appearance and can be found in the Ghost Castle. These enemies rarely swoop down at Yoshi and, unlike the previous game, do not temporarily vanish and can be defeated. All of the Boos cannot be defeated as more keep appearing.

Super Mario 3D Land

Boo Buddies make a reappearance in Super Mario 3D Land as well. They act the same way they do in Super Mario World they spin around in a circle with one small opening of which Mario has to go through. The first group of these to appear, in the World 4 Ghost House, has a coin in it, spinning with the boos.