Mr. Bones, a Skeleton Ghost being attacked by Spooky
Located Luigi's Mansion
Inhabitants Spooky, Mr. Bones
First game Luigi's Mansion (2001)

The Boneyard is a location found in Luigi's Mansion. This location can be viewed from the Balcony. This location is found in Area 2 located outside of Luigi's Mansion. This location can be accessed from the Kitchen after extinguishing the flames blocking the way to the Boneyard.

When Luigi encounters Spooky in the Boneyard, Spooky chases Luigi, trying to bite him until Mr. Bones, a Skeleton Ghost becomes harassed by Spooky's barking and throws bones until he gets sucked up in the Poltergust 3000. Then, Mr. Bones releases a bone and Luigi may suck up Spooky until he becomes defeated.Luigi must then investigate the doghouse's hole, leading Luigi to the Graveyard.

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