Bluey the Walrus
Bluey's artwork from Diddy Kong Racing.
First Game Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Appearances Diddy Kong Racing
Diddy Kong Racing DS
Gender Male
Homeland Timber's Island
Location Snowflake Mountain
Species Walrus
Attacks None

Bluey the Walrus is the second boss found in Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS in Snowflake Mountain. He is hypnotized by Wizpig at the start of the game along with Tricky, Bubbler, and Smokey. He also guards the second piece of the Wizpig Amulet.

When the player is done racing in all of the Snowflake Mountain courses, Bluey offers the player to race him and the player must race him down a snowslide and through icy caves. There are also giant snowballs that can crush the player. The items here are required to win against Bluey. When the player wins against Bluey, he gives the player the third piece of the Wizpig Amulet and challenges the player to the Silver Balloon challenges.

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