Bloway Candy
Bloway Candy
First game Mario Party 8
Effects The player becomes a "Bloway" character.

Bloway Candy is only found in Mario Party 8. When the player eats this candy, he/she becomes a "Bloway" character. When the player passes an opponent while being a "Bloway" character, the player send him/her back to the start of the board.


  • This candy's effectiveness when used successfully varies based on a combination of the map and where specifically the affected player was when hit. A successful use when the victim was on top the cars of Shy Guy's Perplex Express will actually benefit the victim, but one while only a couple of spaces from Captain Goomba on Goomba's Booty Boardwalk or on the Gold Space Isle is particularly devastating.
    • Achievement Hunter's Gavin Free took a hit of the latter Goomba's Booty Boardwalk particularly devastating scenario. To make matters worse for him he was already in last place; the hit resulted from a bad roll (his third that game on the Gold Space Isle) following a successful no-look Springo.

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