Bowser's Inside Story 5

Toad with a blorb disease.
Appearances Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Effects Turning into enormous orbs

Blorbs are a disease that causes a toadstool to turn into an enormous orbs. The Blorb disease was created and caused by Fawful. The miracle cure alone can cure the toads affected by the Blorbs disease.

In the game, the disease spreads all over the Mushroom Kingdom and infects the Toads, causing them to grow large and round and rendering them mostly immobile. It is caused by Blorb Mushrooms that Fawful sold to several Toads, similar to how he sells the Vacuum Mushroom to Bowser. The entire case of the Blorbs is wiped out by the Miracle Cure, which is created after Mario and Luigi find and merge all three Star Cures.

Before the Miracle Cure eliminated the disease, Blorbed Toads block several areas in Toad Town. Once the disease is cured, these areas are opened up to the player. A large percent of the infected Toads, including the one seen in the cutscene at the beginning of the game, are kept in one of the rooms of Toadley Clinic.

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