Big Buzzy Beetle
Mario about to fight the Big Buzzy Beetle.
Appearances Paper Mario: Sticker Star

New Super Mario Bros. U

Location Hither Thither Hill
Species Buzzy Beetle
Attacks Shell Slam

The Big Buzzy Beetle is a boss that appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They also appear in the game New Super Mario Bros. U, only appearing in one level.


The Big Buzzy Beetle is basically a giant version of smaller Buzzy Beetles.


Mario fights the Big Buzzy Beetle just as he is about to leave the mines of Hither Thither Hill. Mario must use the Battle Spinner technique in order to do some damage on the Big Buzzy Beetle since it always flips itself over right on the next turn. POW Blocks and Jump stickers are helpful in this fight. After the Big Buzzy Beetle is defeated, the way is cleared and Mario is awarded with a HP-Up Heart.

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