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Big Ape City
Big Ape City - Overworld - Donkey Kong Land
Big Ape City's overworld view from Donkey Kong Land.
Located Donkey Kong Island's coast
Inhabitants King K. Rool, humans
First game Donkey Kong Land
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land

Big Ape City is the fourth and final world of Donkey Kong Land.


While most areas in the Donkey Kong series lack modern civilisation, this area does with skyscrapers, office building and other buildings. Although, it is said to take place in the area where the original Donkey Kong took place in the game such as 25m. There is also a blimp saying "DK" on it where King K. Rool is fought to wrap up the game.



Big Ape City's name parodies The Big Apple, a landmark in New York City.