Baron Brr
Baron Brr
Baron Brr
First Game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Gender Male
Homeland Freezeflame Galaxy
Location Freezeflame Galaxy
Species Brr Bit
Attacks Ice Ball

Baron Brr is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy appearing on Freezeflame Galaxy. It is presumed he is the leader of Brrr Bits. He resembles Chief Chilly and Crystal King. Freezeflame Galaxy is the only galaxy he appears in.


Baron Brr is faught halfway of the snowy mountain during the first mission "The Frozen Peak of Baron Brr." From a distance, Baron Brr will shoot chunks of ice at Mario that could damage him. When Mario is up close, Baron Brr will crash onto the platform and send out shockwaves that could knock Mario off the platform and into the icy-cold water.


In order to reach Baron Brr, Mario must grab an Ice Flower to become Ice Mario and skate his way across the icy water and Wall Jump up to Baron Brr. Mario should carefully jump over the shockwaves and attack Baron Brr with a Spin. After Baron Brr has been hit, he will attempt to get back his icy armor by rolling around in the snow. This is Mario's chance to use another Spin attack to effectively damage Baron Brr. If Mario repeats this process two more times, Baron Brr will be destoryed Mario is awarded with a Power Star.


  • Even though "The Frozen Peak of Baron Brr" is the first mission, Mario can actually ignore the fight with Baron Brr and go to the other side of the mountain to complete the sixth mission "Conquering the Summit" first.
  • Baron Brr's name is based off of the 3rd vice president of the United States Aaron Burr.

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